The History of Stanley's Shop

I've been repairing things since I was a kid...

My name is William Stanley and I was born, and currently live, in the community. I own Stanley's Shop in King William, VA and I thank you for visiting our website.  

All of us here at Stanley's Shop in King William know choosing a repair shop to keep you and your family safe on the road is an important decision. You can trust we take that responsibility very seriously and you can rest easy knowing we have the experience to back up our promises.  

I got started in the business early in life although I didn't realize it at the time.  As a young boy, I loved seeing how things worked and I would spend hours taking things apart and rebuilding them. I’ve been working on bicycles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and lawn mowers since I was a kid.  My mom relied on me to keep the household in good repair and I developed a good work ethic early in life.  I learned the importance of responsibility when I was fifteen and started a grass cutting business.  I had to keep my mowers running because my customers relied on me, so I learned everything I could about them so I could keep them working.

After high school, I had a wonderful opportunity to work on a farm for a a beef cattle farmer in Rockville, VA.  This man founded a large and well known nationwide transportation company. He understood the value of a dollar. He reached his level of success, in part, because he knew how to get every mile and the maximum life from his equipment. He rarely bought anything new, so we worked on everything before we used it. I didn't realize it at the time, but this training was priceless!  We repaired everything on site - engines, air conditioners, tractors, little trucks, big trucks, air brakes – anything mechanical. I also learned how to weld and how things worked electrically.  

Then I worked in the equipment rental industry as a mechanic for Mechanicsville Rental and later Neff Rentals (now owned by United Rentals).   Here, I worked on and delivered all types of construction and home use equipment such as brush chippers, lawn mowers, skid steers, stump grinders, tractors, man lifts, and scissor lifts.  I later worked as the company's road mechanic where I serviced equipment and provided emergency repairs in the field 24/7.  I worked my way up and became the service manager where I was responsible for a twelve million dollar  equipment fleet in the Richmond area.  I had three drivers and five mechanics working under me, so I learned how to train staff on the importance of great customer service.  At Neff, we worked on anything used in construction - from fifteen-pound chipping hammers to sixty thousand-pound excavators.  Equally important, I learned how to run a business because of my purchasing, billing, customer relations, and scheduling responsibilities.

After years gaining this valuable experience, I decided to take my skills back to the King William community I loved so much.  That’s how Stanley’s Shop got started in 2011.  I saw the need for a locally owned shop that wasn’t part of a large impersonal franchise where clients never knew who they were going to be working with from year to year.  I value knowing my customers and working in the community where I live.  

The shop has grown since we opened and now we have a staff of experienced well-trained mechanics and office personnel who ensure our clients get excellent service at a fair price. My clients know they can trust us to be there for all their automotive and equipment related needs. 

I take a personal interest in King William County and you can count on Stanley’s Shop because you can count on me.

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