Fleet Services

When your business depends on your employees’ automobiles, time is money. We realize the importance of keeping your fleet running with a minimum of down time and getting repairs done quickly when problems do arise. 

Stanley’s Shop is equipped to handle a large volume of vehicles at any one time. We service individual cars as well as corporate fleets. You can be sure when you bring your car or truck to us, we’ll get the work done efficiently, properly, and as quickly as we can, so your employees can get back on the road.

When possible, let us set up a maintenance schedule for your fleet. This way, you can minimize the disruption to your operations. Fleet clients get priority during times of emergencies as well, so contact us to develop a program that guarantees you will be a priority and your repairs and maintenance are convenient for your business. Many businesses regrettably don’t take the time to initiate this type of program for their vehicle. Why? Most of us are in “rush” mode – too many activities and responsibilities on our plates. However, when your vehicles break down, your business often stops – activities and responsibilities suffer. Some major repairs could be diminished or even eliminated by a preventative maintenance program.

Let us help you extend the life of one of your major business investments. Call us today to find out more about our fleet services and set up a package that meets your business needs.

fleet service and repair in King William

fleet service and repair in King William

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